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Cambridge International Science College Talagang is constantly evolving according to the requirements of the modern era. We educate, train, and build our students according to the need of the future era. Our students get the best possible educational experience in town. CISC offers its students a chance to prove themselves by performing at their best and availing a chance to acquire one of the many scholarships offered by CISC. We also offer online Study experience via Video Lectures and online quiz for each student. Download the CISC App by clicking the Button Below.

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Every Student is a Promise

School Structure of CISC

CISC offers junior, Secondary and Higher Secondary education in Tehsil Talagang with the distinguish of being the leader of having board position holder students every year... Main Characteristics of CISC which makes it better than any other institute in the town are...

Educational Excellence

At CISC, we have Master, M.Phil and PhD Qualified staff which makes us the best place for your child to study in.

Gaurenteed Improvements

We make every student a promise to our society and our country that each of our pupil will emerge as a beneficial member, positive thinker and a good human being. We ensure the improvements in every aspect of a student's educational career.

Character Building

At CISC, we have Army Retd. Drill instructor for discipline and character building, experienced and qualified house master for our boarding student, making our facilities top of the line.

Acheiving Goals

At CISC, we educate and train our students every year to achieve better and better results as compared to the previous one. We encourage and support our students in every possible way so that each student can perform up to the mark.

Our Board Position Holder

Star Students

Discipline, Education, Excellence

Our Students are being mentored on daily basis by our experienced and qualified staff members as well as our dedicated and most experienced, (Pak Army Retd) Drill Instructor. Students are engaged in educational and extra-curricular activities regularly. Students are engaged in weekly, monthly as well as term test to evaluate performance and increase precision in result oriented educational process.


Student's Character build, Enhancing Personality points, Promoting Positive Competition and Career Counseling

There are many variations of prominent and exceptional features of CISC which make us the best institute for your children in Talagang.

  • Attention to each and individual students on different educational levels.
  • Promoting the inter-student competition on a positive level.
  • Each Student receives career counseling during the educational tenure from our esteemed and experienced faculty members.

Leading the Educational Revolution since 2012

CISC began its educational revolution back in 2012. CISC came a long way to where it is now. We have achieved numerous goals over the course of just 7 short years. Our students have secured following achievements:

  • 4 Board Positions in last 3 years
  • 20+ positions on district level in last 4 years
  • 20+ students got commissioned in Pakistan Armed Forces
  • 250+ Students got admission in medical and engineering universities all across the Pakistan in last 6 years
  • More than 50 Students joined Pak Armed Forces ( Non-Commissioned )


Admissions in Medical & Engineering Univsersities


Commissioned Officers in Pakistan Armed Forces


Board Positions in Last 3 Years

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Founders & Leaders

Muhammad Safeer

Muhammad Safeer

Founder & Principal

MSc Chemistry , M.ed

Muhammad Tauqeer

Muhammad Tauqeer

Co-Founder, Director

MSc Mathematics

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To know more about CISC and for admissions, Please Feel Free to Call 0318-5118762 , 0318-5118760 from 8am to 3pm (Mon-to-Sat)

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