Math Quiz Syllabus

 Day#1 Ch# 1   functions, Definitions, domain, Range

 Day#2 Ch# 1    Types of functions, up to Ex 1.1

 Day#3 Ch# 1   composition of functions, inverse functions

 Day#4 Ch# 1   limits of functions and theorem on limits

 Day#5 Ch# 1   Continuous and discontinuous functions

 Day#6 Ch# 2   Average rate of change, Derivative of function

 Day#7 Ch# 2   Finding f’(x) by definition method, up to ex#2.3

 Day#8 Ch# 2   chain Rule, Derivative of inverse function,

 Day#9 Ch# 2   derivative of trigonometric, inverse trigonometric functions

 Day#10 Ch#2 Derivative of exponential, logarithmic functions

 Day#11 Ch#2 Successive derivatives, series expansion of function

 Day#12 Ch#2 Increasing and decreasing functions

 Day#13 Ch#2 Critical values and critical points

 Day#14 Ch#3 standard formula of integration

 Day#15 Ch#3 Integration by substitution

 Day#16 Ch#3 Integration by parts

 Day#17 Ch#3 Integration by partial fraction

 Day#18 Ch#3 Definite integral (with given limits)

 Day#19 Ch#3 Application of definite integral (Area under the curve)

 Day#20 Ch#3 Differential equations

 Day#21 Ch#4 Distance formula, Ratio formula, translation and rotation of axis

 Day#22 Ch#4 Equation of straight line, slope

 Day#23 Ch#4 Formation of straight line Equations, distance of point from line

 Day#24 Ch#4 Distance between two parallel lines, + Ex # 4.3

 Day#25 Ch#4 Angle between two lines + Ex # 4.4

 Day#26 Ch#4 Solution of homogeneous equations, Ex # 4.5

 Day#27 Ch#5 All definitions + Graph of linear inequalities

 Day#28 Ch#5 Feasible solution set problem constraints

 Day#29 Ch#5 Linear programming + Ex#5.3

 Day#30 Ch#6 Conic section Basics

 Day#31 Ch#6 Equation of circle + ex # 6.1

 Day#32 Ch#6 Tangents and Normals to circle # Ex # 6.2

 Day#33 Ch#7 Basic Operation on vectors (+,-,x)

 Day#34 Ch#7 Magnitude, unit vector, ratio formula ex#7.1

 Day#35 Ch#7 Distance between two points in space, direction angle Ex#7.2

 Day#36 Ch#7 Scalar product of two vectors, important results

 Day#37 Ch#7 Perpendicular vectors, Parallel vectors, pot product

 Day#38 Ch#7 Angle between two vectors, projection of vectors ex 7.3

 Day#39 Ch#7 Cross product, Area of triangles, Area of parallelogram Ex#7.4

 Day#40 Ch#7 Scalar triple product, volume of tetrahedron Ex#7.5

 Day#41                 Ch#1 + Ch#5

 Day#42                 Ch#2 + Ch#6

 Day#43                 Ch#3 + Ch#4

 Day#44                 Ch#3 + Ch#7

 Day#45                 Full book

English Quiz Syllabus

 Day: 1.  ( The Dying Sun + Use of Is,are,am)

 Day: 2.  ( First Year At Harrow + Use of was,were)

 Day: 3.  ( Using The Scientific Method + Use of can)

 Day: 4.  ( Sir Alexander Fleming+ Use of has,have,had)

 Day: 5.  ( Why Boys Fail In College + Use of could)

 Day: 6.  ( Louis Pasteur + Use of should)

 Day: 7.  ( End Of The Term + Use of Let)

 Day: 8.  ( Mustafa Kamal + Use of may)

 Day: 9.  ( On Destroying Books + Use of will have)

 Day: 10.  ( Mr. Chips chapter. 1 + Use of It)

 Day: 11.  ( The Man Who Was A Hospital + Use of Imperative sentences)

 Day: 12.  ( Mr. Chips chapter. 2 + Use of Present Indefinite ( active/passive)

 Day: 13.  ( My Financial Career + Use of Past Indefinite ( active/passive)

 Day: 14.  (Mr. Chips chapter.3  + Use of Future Indefinite ( active/passive)

 Day: 15.  ( China's Way To Progress + Use of Present Continuous ( active/passive)

 Day: 16.  (Mr. Chips chapter. 4  + Use of Past Continuous ( active/passive)

 Day: 17.  (Mr. Chips chapter. 5 + Use of Future Continuous ( active)

 Day: 18.  (Mr. Chips chapters. 6,7 + Use of Present Perfect ( active/passive)

 Day: 19.  (Mr. Chips chapters. 8,9  + Use of Past Perfect ( active/passive)

 Day: 20.  (Mr. Chips chapters. 10,11  + Use of Future Perfect ( active/passive)

 Day: 21.  (Mr. Chips chapter. 12 + Use of Lest & So that)

 Day: 22.  ( Mr. Chips chapter. 13 + Use of Would)

Physics Quiz Syllabus

 Day 1st

 Coulomb’s law, field of forces Electric field lines, Electric flux through a surface enclosing a charge

 Quiz 2

 Gauss Low ,Applications of Gauss’s law, Electric Potential, Electric field as a Potential gradient, electric potential of a point due to point charge

 Quiz 3

 Electric and gravitational forces, charge on electron by Millikan’s method capacitor, capacitance of parallel plate capacitor.


 Electric polarization of dielectrics, Energy stored in capacitor.

 Quiz 5

 Electric Current , Source of current ,Effects of Current, ohm’s law

 Quiz 6’

 Resistivity and its dependence upon temperature. Color  code for carbon resistance Rheostat , Thermistor

 Quiz 7

 Electrical power and power dissipation in Resistance , Electromotive force (EMF) and Potential Difference Maximum Power  output

 Quiz no 8

 KIRCHHOF ‘s Rules  (1st and 2nd)

 Wheatstone Bridge Potentiometer

 Quiz 9

 Magnetic field due to current in a long straight wire.

 Force in a current carrying conductor, in a uniform magnetic field  magnetic flux and flux density

 Quiz 10

 Ampere’s law and determination of flux Density B field due to current carrying solenoid force on a moving charge in a magnetic field .Motion of charged particle in an electric and magnetic field.

 Quiz 11

 Determination of E/m of an electron cathode ray  oscilloscope  torque on a current carrying coil Galvanometer  , voltmeter , ohmmeter ,Aro –Meter.

 Quiz 12

 Induced emf and induced  current Motional emf ,faraday’s law Lenz Law , Mutual induction  , Self Induction.

 Quiz 13

 Energy stored in an inductor Alternating current generator Back Motor effect ,DC Motor , Back emf effect in motors.

 Quiz 14

 Transformer Alternating Current ,

 Ac-Circuits , AC- through Resistors , Ac through Capacitors , Ac Through Inductors

 Quiz 15

 Impendence. r-c and R-L series Circuit Power in Ac circuit ,Series resonant circuit , Parallel Resonance circuit , Three phase Ac- Supply

 Quiz 16

 Principal of metal detectors choke , Electromagnetic waves , Principles of generation ,transmission and reception of electromagnetic waves modulation

 Quiz 17

 Classification of solids Mechanical properties of solids  Elastic limit and yield strength 

 Quiz 18

 Energy stored in deformed material Electrical properties of solids , Energy band theory , Intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductor electrical conduction by electrons and hles.

 Quiz 19

 Superconductor , Magnetic properties of solid , Hysteresis loop

 Quiz 20

 PN –Junction Forward –Bias 4  PN junction  , Reverse – Bias  PN junction , Rectification full and half .

 Quiz 21

 LED, photodiode, photovoltaic cell Transistors, Current flow in NPN transistors, Transistor as an amplifier.

 Quiz 22

 Transistor as a switch, operational amplifier, Op – amplifier as inverting and non-inverting.

 Quiz 23

 UP amplifier as a compactor ,compactor as a night switch ,Digit System  ,Fundamental of logic gates , other logic gates ,Applications

 Quiz 24

 Relative motion, Frames of reference, special theory of relativity, Time –Dilation. length contraction ,mass variation , NAVSTAR navigation system

 Quiz 25

 Block body radiation , plank’s assumption ,photoelectric effect , Compton effect pair production , Annihilation of matter

 Quiz 26

 Wave nature of particle duality , Electron microscope

 Quiz 27

 Uncertainty principle , Atomic Spectra , Atomic Spectrum of Hydrogen

 Quiz 28

 Bohr Model of Hydrogen atom, Quantized Radii, Quantized energies, Hydrogen emission spectrum, inner SHELL Transitions and characteristic X –Rays.

 Quiz 29

 Production of X rays, continuous X ray spectrum uses of X rays, CAT scanner ,Biological effects of X –rays.

 Quiz 30

 Uncertainty within atom, Laser, Hellium neon Laser, Uses of Laser.

 Quiz 31

 Atomic –Nucleus , isotopes, , Mass spectrograph , Mass Defect and Bincling  Energy

 Quiz 32

 Radioactivity , Nuclear transmutation Half-life , Interaction of Radiation with matter

 Quiz 33

 Radiation Detectors , Wilson cloud chamber , Giger mullar countor , Solid State detector , Nuclear Reaction

 Quiz 34

 Nuclear fission , fislon chain Reaction , Nuclear Reactor , Types of Reactors

 Quiz 35

 Fusion Reaction ,Radiation exposure , Biological effects of radiation , Tracer tecniques , Medical diagnostics Radiography

 Quiz 36

 Basic forces of Nature , Building Blocks of Matter

 Quiz 37

 Chapter 12 full , Electrostatics

 Quiz 38

 Chapter no 13 full , Current and Electricity

 Quiz 39

 Chapter no 14 Full  Electromagnetism

 Quiz 40

 Chapter 15 Full  Electromagnetic  Induction

 Quiz 41

 Chapter 16 Full Alternating Current

 Quiz 42

 Chapter 17 and 18 Full  Physics of Solid and Electronics

 Quiz 43

 Chapter 19 full Modern Physics

 Quiz 44

 Chapter 20 Full Atomic Spectra

 Quiz 45 Chapter 21 full Nuclear Physics


Chemistry Quiz Syllabus


Day 1  ( 1.....8)


Chapter 01


Day 2.   ( 9....15)


Chapter 01


Day 3.  (20.....27)


Chapter 2


Day 4(28....33)


Chapter 2


Day 5.   (37....45)


Chapter 3


Day 6.    (46....52)


Chapter 3


Day 7.    (56....64)


Chapter 4


Day 8.    65....74)


Chapter 4


Day 9.      (79.....86)


Chapter 5.  


Day 10.        (87.....93)


Chapter 5


Day 11.    (97.....105)


Chapter 6


Day 12.     (106......114)


Chapter 6


Day 13.   ( 118.....125)


Chapter 7


Day 14.  (125......133)


Chapter 7


Day 15.  (136....149)


Chapter 8


Day 16.    (150......162)


Chapter 8


Day 17.   (169....179)


Chapter 9


Day 18.   (180.....190)


Chapter 9


Day 19.   194.....200)


Chapter 10


Day 20.   (200....206)


Chapter 10


Day 21.   (211....218)


Chapter 11


Day 22.   (219....224)


Chapter 11


Day 23. ( 228.....236)


Chapter 12


Day 24.   (236....244)


Chapter 12


Day 25.    (250....257)


Chapter 13


Day 26.   (258....264)


Chapter 13


Day 27.    (268......278)


Chapter 14


Day 28.    (278....288)


Chapter 14


Day 29.   ( 291.....298)


Chapter 15


Day 30.    (299....304)


Chapter 15


Day 31.     (307....313)


Chapter 16


Day 32.    (314....329)


Chapter 16


Day 33.     (1......79)


Chapter no 1,2,3,4,5


Day 34.      (1......96)


Chapter no 1,2,3,4,5


Day 35.    (97.......193)


Chapter 6,7,8,9


Day 36.      (97....193)


Chapter 6,7,8,9


Day 37.      (194.....249)


Chapter 10,11,12


Day 38.     194.....249)


Chapter 10,11,12


Day 39.  (  250......322)


Chapter 13,14,15,16


Day 40.   (250....322)


Chapter 13,14,15,16


Biology Quiz Syllabus

 Chapter 15

 Day 01:

 Ø  Concepts in homeostasis

Ø  Excretion … up to in animals

Day 02:

Ø  Excretion in representative animals

Ø  Excretion in vertebrates

Ø  Urinary system

Day 03:

Ø  Kidney as osmoregulatory organ

Ø  Thermoregulation

Ø  + Exercise

Chapter 16

Day 04:

Ø  Support in plants

Ø  Support and movement in animals

Day 05:

Ø  Human Skeleton

Ø  Deformities of skeleton

Day 06:

Ø  Movement of bones

Ø  Locomotion in proctoctista and invertebrates

Day 07:

Ø  Locomotion in mammals

Ø  + Exercise

Chapter 17

Day 08:

Ø  Coordination in plants

Day 09:

Ø  Coordination in animals

Ø  Evolution of nervous system

Day 10:



 Ø  Nervous Disorders

 Day 11:

 Ø  Chemical coordination

Ø  The pituitary Gland

Ø  Thyroid gland, parathyroid

Ø  Pancreas, adrenal

Day 12:

Ø  Gonads

Ø  Feedback mechanism

Ø  Behaviour

Ø  + exercise

Chapter 18

Day 13:

Ø  Reproduction in plants

Day 14:

Ø  Reproduction in Animals

Ø  Tissue culture and cloning

Ø  Identical twins

Ø   Sexual reproduction

Day 15:

Ø  Reproduction in man.. up to end

Ø  + Exercise

Chapter 19

Day 16:

Ø  Growth and development in plants

Day 17:

Ø  Growth and development in animals

Ø  Role of nucleus in development

Ø  Embryonic induction

Ø  Aging

Day 18:

Ø  Regeneration

Ø  Abnormal

Ø  + Exercise

Chapter 20

Day 19:

Ø  Types of chromosomes

Ø  Composition of chromosomes

Ø  Chromosomal theory of inheritance

Ø  DNA as hereditary material

Day 20:

Ø  Chemical Nature of DNA

Ø  Meselson- stahl experiment

Ø  The replication process

Day 21:

Ø  What is gene… up to end

Ø  + exercise

Chapter 21

Day 22:

Ø  Interphase

Ø  Mitosis

Ø  Importance of mitosis

Day 23:

Ø  Meiosis

Ø  Meiotic errors

Ø  + Exercise

Chapter 22

Day 24

Ø  Genes, alleles and gene pool….up to probability

Day 25:

Ø  Dominance relations

Ø  Rh blood group system

Ø  Epistasis

Day 26:

Ø  Continuous varying traits

Ø  Gene linkage

Ø  Crossing over

Day 27:

Ø  Sex determination… up to end of chapter

Ø  + exercise

Chapter 23

Day 28:

Ø  Cloning of a gene


Ø  Human Genome project

Day 29:

Ø  Biotechnology products

Ø  Gene therapy

Ø  Tissue culture

Ø  + exercise

Chapter 24

Day 30:

Ø  Concept of evolution VS special creation

Ø  Inheritance of Acquired characteristics

Ø  Evidence of evolution

Day 31:

Ø  Natural selection & artificial selection… up to end of chapter

Ø  + Exercise

Chapter 25

Day 32:

Ø  Introduction

 Ø  Interaction b/w biotic and abiotic

 Day 33:

 Ø  Succession up to end of chapter

Ø  + Exercise

Chapter 26

Day 34:

Ø  Aquatic or hydrosphric ecosystem

Ø  Division of terrestrial ecosystem

Day 35:

Ø  Some major ecosystem in Pakistan

Ø  + Exercise

Chapter 27

Day 36:

Ø  Renewable and non-renewable resources

Ø  Mans impact on environment

Day 37:

Ø  Deforestation & Afforestation.. ..up to end of chapter

Ø  + Exercise

Computer Science Quiz Syllabus

Day 1

Chapter 1   DBMS ,Data base system and components ,data base model

Day 2

 Chapter 2   key and Types

Day 3

Chapter 1 Complete

Day 4

Chapter 2 complete

Day 5

Chapter 3 Complete

Day 6

      Normalization   , ER-Diagram

Day 7

 Chapter 4 Complete

Day 8

Chapter 5 Complete

Day 9

Chapter 6   Data Types , Forms

Day 10

    Chapter 10 Complete

Day 11

 Query ,Reports

Day 12

 Chapter 7 Complete

Day 13

   Programming Languages ,Bugs ,Preprocessor directive

Day 14

Process of Editing ,Saving ,Compiling C Program.

Day 15

Chapter 8 Complete

Day 16

         Variable, Declaration , initialization ,Rules for naming variables.

Day 17

      Chapter 09 Complete

Day 18

      Format Specifier  , escape sequence

Day 19

         Chapter 10 Complete

Day 20

            If ,             if ……….. else   ,  nested   if …….. else.

Day 21

                Switch Structure

Day 22

        Chapter 11 complete

Day 23

           Chapter 12 Complete

Day 24

             Chapter 13 complete

Day 25

Chapter 14 Complete

Day 26

Chapter 01 and 02

Day 27 Chapter  03,04

Day 28

Chapter 05,06

Day 29

Chapter 07

Day 30

Complete Database   Chapter 01 to 07

Day 31

       Chapter 08,09

Day 32

      Chapter 10

Day 33

  Chapter   11,12

Day 34

        Chapter 13  ,14

Day 35

    Chapter   01,03,05,07

Day 36

     Chapter   02,08,09

Day 37

  Chapter 10,11,12

Day 38

        C – Language  (Chapter 08 to 14)

Day 39

       Chapter 10,04,05

Day 40

        Chapter  01,06

Day 41

Chapter 08,09,10

Day 42

Chapter ,11,12,13

Day 43

Chapter 09,05,02

Day 44

Chapter 10,11,03

Day 45

Full Book44

PakStudy Quiz Syllabus

سلیبس برائے جماعت سیکنڈ ائیر

(دن 6) علامہ اقبال اور نظریہ پاکستان
قائد اعظم اور نظریہ پاکستان
نظریہ پاکستان کے اجزائے ترکیبی.

(دن 7) پاکستان مسلمانان برصغیر کی جدوجہد کا نتیجہ
تحریک علی گڑھ
سرسید اور تحریک علی گڑھ

(دن 8) آل انڈیا مسلم لیگ کا قیام
تحریک خلافت.

(دن 9) مطالبہ پاکستان کے محرکات
قرارداد پاکستان

(دن 10) کرپس مشن
 شملہ کانفرنس
انتخابات 1946

(دن 11) کابینہ میشن
1946کی عبوری حکومت
 3 جون کا مکمل منصوبہ.

(دن 12) ابتدائی مشکلات دریائی پانی کے مسئلہ تک

(دن13) ریاستوں کے الحاق کا تنازعہ
ریاست جموں کشمیر

(دن 14) پاکستان کے متعلق قائد اعظم کی سیاسی بصیرت

(دن 15) مسائل کے حل کے لیے مناسب لائحہ عمل

(دن 16) پاکستان کا محل وقوع

(دن17) پاکستان کے طبعی خدوخال (پہاڑی سلسلے)

(دن18) سطح مرتفع میدان اور وادیاں.

(دن 19) پاکستان کی آب و ہوا
 آب و ہوا کے لحاظ سے خطے

(دن20) آب و ہوا  کے انسانی زندگی پر اثرات
  نقشہ فہمی.

(دن21) قرارداد مقاصد
 دستور 1956

(دن22) دستور 1962
 دستور 1973

(دن23) پاکستان میں نفاذ اسلام کے لیے اقدامات
 خطبہ حجۃ الوداع اور انسانی حقوق

(دن24) انسانی حقوق کا منشور 1948

(دن25) وفاقی حکومت اور دیگر ادارے

(دن26) وفاقی حکومت اور ان میں اہم عہدے دار

(دن27) صوبائی حکومت کی تنظیم

(دن28) مقامی حکومت (دیہی اور شہری علاقے)

(دن29) اچھا نظام حکومت اور اسلام
حضرت عمر رضی اللہ تعالی عنہ کا دور حکومت

(دن30) ثقافت کا مفہوم، اہمیت اور ابتداء
قدیم وادی سندھ کی تہذیب کی خصوصیات

(دن31) پاکستان کا ثقافتی ورثہ
 پاکستانی ثقافت کی نمایاں خصوصیات

(دن 32) اردو زبان
پنجابی زبان

(دن33) سندھی زبان
 پشتو زبان

(دن34) بلوچی زبان
 کشمیری زبان

(دن35) قومی یکجہتی وسالمیت کے عناصر اور اہمیت

(دن36) اسلامی جمہوری ریاست اور اور قومی یکجہتی و سالمیت
پاکستان میں قومی یکجہتی اورسالمیت کے مسائل

(دن 37) معاشی منصوبہ بندی کی اہمیت اور زرعی ترقی

(دن38) صنعتی ترقی
تجارت کامرس
 قدرتی وسائل
 (دن39) تعلیم
 انفارمیشن ٹیکنالوجی

(دن40) پاکستان کی معاشی منصوبہ بندی

(دن41) خواتین کے خلاف تشدد کی روک تھام کے لیے حکومت پنجاب کے اقدامات.

(دن42) پاکستان کی خارجہ پالیسی کے اصول و مقاصد اور تشکیل کے ذرائع

(دن43) پاک چین تعلقات
 پاک بھارت تعلقات

(دن44) پاک افغان
پاک ایران
پاک سعودی عرب تعلقات

(دن45) پاک امریکہ تعلقات
عالمی امور اور پاکستان کی خارجہ پالیسی.

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